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The tiny buttons are called Rivets and they actually play a very important role. These buttons help to keep your pants together. They are placed in areas of jeans that are most likely to be pulled apart by movement. Also, rivets help to hold the fabric together, making it more durable.

This concept has actually got a history. During the early 1870s, when workers wore denim, the fabric used to slip quickly.

Then, a labourer, out of frustration went to a tailor, Jacob Davis and asked him if he could create denim trouser that would not fall and tear easily.

Davis came up with the idea of putting rivets in the areas that are exposed to more strain such as pocket corners. And he was successful in implementing his idea of Rivets.

When the concept became highly popular, Davis contacted Levi Strauss, the man behind Levi’s jeans.

Levi used to sell his fabric to Davis to design his trousers. The two men received a patent for this design in 1873. The riveted trousers became a huge success. And in 1960’s the name changed to ‘jeans’.

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