"Whatever you're going to see is not an offshoot from the film, but comes from the inherent story. What you see in the film is a small part. There is much more story, drama, action, adventure interwoven into the comic," Rajamouli told media.

"When we started the film, we created the whole world of Baahubali. It is not just the story of the film you have seen, it is a story of each and every character, kingdom, story of where these people come from. All that has been researched and will be (present) in the comic," he added.

Rajamouli, along with Arka Media Works, has partnered with Graphic India to produce a number of comics and mobile short films based on the movie. The director said the online platform will ensure that the film reaches a wider audience.

Sharad Devarajan, co-founder, Graphic India said the online content will be a 'standalone' experience, (while) not trying to connect the first installment of the film to its upcoming sequel.

The team said even though the focus is on digital content as of now, they will venture into other mediums such as published books and other merchandise in future.

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