Mathura is one place which witnesses unprecedented vibrancy of culture and colours during the festival of Holi. Brij Holi, Mathura Holi, Barsana Holi, and Gokul Holi are some of the famous forms of Holi which will give you the pure, traditional flavour of the festival.

On the ghats of Mathura, there are small temples, and if you take a stroll around the temples during early morning, you will notice 'bhang' being crushed and mixed with milk. Mathura is very famous for the Lathmaar tradition, which is being listed amongst the top rituals associated with Holi.

Women of Barsana and Nandagaon (the two villages in Mathura associated with Radha and Krishna) dress up in colourful clothes. The women of Barsana playfully beat men from the neighbouring Nandgaon village with lathis while the men try to protect themselves with shields.

In another important ritual, people gather at a temple and throw ladoos and flowers placed in plastic bags at each other. In the evening, decorated vehicles carrying the idols of Radha and Krishna are taken around the city in a beautiful procession. People throw colour, play lively music, and kids also dress up as Radha and Krishna.

So, if you really wish to enjoy Holi in its vintage form, then you must visit Mathura.


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