Have you ever seen a man in a queue before a grocery shop with his kid? The obvious answer will be ‘no’.

It is a common notion that it’s the ladies in the house who are endowed with the shopping responsibility. Men, on the other hand, tend to avoid this daily life activity as much as possible.

Normally, it is believed that men avoid shopping because it takes a toll on their pockets. But surveys conducted in different parts of the world point out other reasons for their shopping avoidance.

Clinical psychologist Gagandeep Kaur, in an exclusive chat with ‘Sakhi’ elaborates what makes men say ‘No’ to shopping.

•  Men are self-centered. And this characteristic in them has been noticed from the stone-age when males were only interested in searching food for themselves and their family.

Men, during that age, used to venture out of their shelter only to gather food and after that was done they came back home. Women, on the other hand were more adventurous.

They used to go out to graze animals and while returning mostly brought something for their kids or husband or even some decorating stuff for the house. This stark difference shows that compared to women, men are and always have been more self-centered and less interested in roaming or window shopping.  

•  The weight of mama’s shopping bags leaves such a heavy burden on boys that by the time they turn into men, they neither have the interest nor the capacity to carry the burden of their wives shopping bags.

•  Men also hate avoid shopping because they think that it is a women-oriented activity.

•  It is believed that it is guy’s nature to complete any work undertaken by them. This is just opposite to ‘window-shopping’ which is the most popular form of shopping. Women love to just roam around and have a look at the material available in the market irrespective if the fact that they want buy it or not. Men detest this the most.

Common excuses men concoct to avoid shopping

•  Urgent official work: “Sorry honey. Cannot go with you. Urgent meeting in office” is a common excuse of every male to avoid shopping.

•  A surprise for you darling:  According to men, planning out a surprise dinner for their partners is a better option than going out for shopping.

  Family excuse: This is the most common form of excuse for unmarried guys. Whenever they want to avoid shopping with their girlfriends they lie to them about some important work at home. “I have to go with my mother. It is urgent,” is the trite line used by boyfriends.

  Party with friends: Boys do not want to give their guy- friend’s party a miss. Instead of shopping with girl-friends they prefer having a guy’s-day-out.