The BJP has played masterstroke with Kiran Bedi and Shazia Ilmi having been roped to join its fold, an attempt to hit below the belt of AAP. With the joining of Bedi and Ilmi, the position of BJP gets strengthened. Shazia has firmly said that she would campaign aggressively against AAP. Her thunderbolt of exposing AAP — lack of inner democracy in the party, dictatorship of top brass leaders, dominance of 'crony clique' and more — may queer Arvind Kejriwal’s poll pitch.   


Here are Shazia’s five punches that may shake Kejri-Wall…


She might know the AAP strategy


She might be aware of Kejriwal’s weaknesses and strengths



She might expose AAP as she said she wishes to

"I want to expose AAP for what it is and I will do whatever I can to that effect,” she said.


The vindictive Ilmi might use this chance to went away her anger and seek revenge


She sets an example that environment in AAP is not as good as they show

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