Let’s raise a finger to this question!

As soon as the nails start growing, its color turns white, which is a common phenomenon. Nevertheless, there must some reasons or other that induce such changes in color.

Let’s find out the reason behind this color transformation, more as a beauty enthusiasts than a researcher.

Fingernails are translucent in color, and when they start growing & subsequently get detached from the skin, they take form of the natural color, white.

Further, after regular showers, they get moisture in them and as a result it gets saturated, increasing the murkiness of the nails.

In the meantime, take a note! Make sure to clean your nails with a brush or cotton, which will make your nails look translucent, A beauty tip, you know.

Apparently, the part of the nails that is attached to the skin is exposed to moisture while the part that is detached lacks moisture, eventually making them turn white.  

This is the basic and simple reason behind fingernails turning white in color at the tip.

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