New Delhi: Her film projects have become few and far between but actress Kajol says she wants to put her weight behind several social issues, mainly the cause of widows.
The 37-year-old actress, who along with her husband Ajay Devgn are the brand ambassadors of the Loomba Foundation that promotes fundamental freedom and human rights of widows, said widow-remarriage is still a taboo.
"We are associated with the cause for past three years but it's sad to know that widows are still considered a blight in our society. There are widows who are still not marriageable. I strongly feel for them and take it as a social responsibility to eradicate the issue," said Kajol during the foundation's annual charity dinner in capital recently.
The star couple attended a charity dinner in London earlier this month and raised Rs 3.5 crores.
Stating illiteracy as the major cause behind the poor state of widows, the mother-of-two said education should be the base of the society.
"Being a mother of two kids, I understand how tough it is to raise them. But providing them basic education should be the duty of every parents because education makes one think in a broader way," she added.