London: Indian origin Shrien Dewani, accused of ordering the killing of his wife Anni, 28, on their honeymoon in Cape Town collapsed in court as he appeared for a bail hearing.

Dewani, 31, relatives helped him into a car after the court heard how he had threatened to punch a woman nurse at a psychiatric clinic.

The businessman was arrested for terrorising staff at the clinic and damaging a door frame.

The court was told he threw around the contents of his room after being caught leaving the clinic to call his family.

Hugo Keith, representing the South African government which is seeking his extradition in the murder case, said Dewani shouted at a nurse who said he was "unmanageable".

He demanded an employee should be sacked before "shouting and crying alternately".

Keith said Dewani "threatened to punch a female member of staff and instead hit a door".

Dewani got bail for a few days to stay at a secure hospital.