Assange, an Australian national, will contest the elections from Victoria. The 42-year-old founder of the whistleblowing website said that the major issue in the coming days would be the ruling Labour party's policy on asylum seekers.
He said that the party's first action would be to demand full details of the government's asylum seeker arrangement with Papua New Guinea, news agency said.
"Considering PNG's developing country status, the Australian government must disclose how it will assist PNG to financially support resettled refugees," Assange said in a statement.
Last week, Kevin Rudd-led Labour government declared that all immigrants arriving illegally in boats will be sent to Papua New Guinea before being settled there or repatriated. Announcing that he wanted to be ‘an independent scrutinizer of government activity,’ Assange said that the party's aim will be to ‘keep politicians honest.’
Australia goes to polls in November with the ruling Labour party up against Tony Abbott-led conservatives. Assange has not stepped out of Ecuador's embassy in London since June 2012 where he sought refuge during his legal battle for extradition from Britain to Sweden.
The Wikileaks founder is wanted in Sweden for questioning over alleged sex crimes. Assange has argued that the charges against him are trumped up and a retaliation by the US for releasing classified material on Iraq and Afghanistan wars by the website.


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