Boston: Hit by financial crisis, whistle-blower website WikiLeaks is now selling merchandise like T-shirts and coffee mugs online to raise money to keep itself afloat.

Wikileaks has launched an online store that sells everything from T-shirts, hoods, coffee mugs, bumper stickers to bags, covers for laptops and pads, umbrellas, baseball caps and even teddy bears.

Inviting support and funds from people, the website says "all proceedings will go to Wikileaks operations". The merchandise has graphics of Assange as well as the Wikileaks logos. T-shirts of different sizes are available for men and women.

The range of the merchandise is USD 17 to USD 57. The site, hosted by German merchandising company Spreadshirt, also offers a 17 percent discount on purchases of USD 35 or more.

"WikiLeaks is an emotional proposition: People love it or hate it. For those who love it and wish to show support for WikiLeaks by wearing a T-shirt, it is a good proposition," the company said.