Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar’s three-week deadline to spiral down onion prices is over though, bulb still costs bomb and other vegetables too getting pricy that has exacerbated the UPA government which is already on tenterhooks for string of scams and scandals getting cropped up in its regime. Concerned with the unbridled price spike, our economist Prime Minister and the top brass of Cabinet huddled to discuss measures for dousing flame of rising inflation to bring relief to millions of households whose platters have been robbed of basic food items. The high-level meeting continued for two days but with no result. It is an irony, when situation has spun out of control, the ministers and mandarins hold parley, which proves wild goose chase, dashing the hopes of common people.
It is writ large that the ruling dispensation either went oblivious to the plight of people or assumed that its false assurances would act as panacea for the price-beaten plebeians. It is difficult to believe that the Centre’s further assertions on bridling price hike, for the government has come to naught in taking hard action against hoarders and blackmarketeers. The score card of the government is very dismal on maintaining supply-demand chain, not being able to foresee if any food item could run out. The system of food storage is rotten and urgent steps need to be taken to jack up its capacity. Millions of tonnes of foodgrains were reported to have been destroyed due to lack of proper storage, but the government is still floundering on taking any concrete steps. It is tantamount to utmost negligence and carelessness on the part of ruling establishment. The UPA government, decked with many a economist, is in fire-fighting mood to seek excuse of soaring prices, swinging from bad mansoon to crops getting destroyed and from shortcomings in supply chain to sloppiness of state government. When these do not work they start blaming each other and toss coalition politics making it accountable for the northward prices.
Some senior leaders reckon on that rising income and prosperity of people are responsible for the soaring prices. The logic is quite unwarranted. The purchasing power has not gone lithosphere overnight. The growth of economy is in fast lane, which definitely swell wallet of people, zooming the demand of goods. The government should have thought over the needs of people, administered strategy to boost farm produces, so that supply-chain ratio would have remained intact. Have our leaders gone so careless that they forgot this basic formula of economics? The reality is that destiny makers of the country are so deeply engrossed in playing footsie with the corrupt systems that they become oblivious to the pains of people who scripted their destiny to be destiny maker of the nation.