Los Angeles: The father-son duo, Will Smith and Jaden Smith will be seen together again in an upcoming sci-fi film directed by Indian origin Hollywood director M Night Shyamalan.

Will and Jaden had earlier paired together in 'The Pursuit of Happyness' in 2006.

The director, who is known for his supernatural plots, said it was his dream to work with the Smiths. He has hits like 'Sixth Sense' and 'Signs' to his credit.

"The chance to make a scary, science-fiction film starring Jaden and Will is my dream project" said Shyamalan.

Jaden who scored a hit with his debut film, 'Karate Kid', will play a boy who must find his way around an abandoned planet after his spaceship has crashed, with Will playing his estranged father.

Shyamalan added, “Jaden grew up in this industry so it's not foreign to him. He understands that this is a family business. He didn't have the shock and the radical life change that child actors usually have coming into the business.”