It is not about those who come to power, it is about an approach of legislators and law-makers in Bihar to work in unison towards the redressal of basic needs of people living there.


Bihar has a very impressive literacy rate of approximately 74 percent but to its disappointment, the people do not have proper educational facilities.

“The educational facility in Bihar is so poor that one has to look for colleges outside the state for better career opportunities. Even if the students clear state level exams, only the hotshots manage to get admissions in the top institutions. Beginning from the school level, the student-teacher ratio has been poorly maintained which adds to the shortage of efficient professors,” said Kundan Kumar, a student from Bihar.


The sown agricultural land in Bihar accounts to 60 percent of its total geographical area. A major chunk of population in Bihar is engaged in agricultural activities. Developing this sector becomes a priority for the political parties. Although over the years agriculture has developed, farmers are yet to see the light of the day. Even the basic necessities are out of their reach.

A farmer stated, “We have seen many political parties and leaders ruling in Bihar but that barely benefit us. What is important for us is to have proper irrigation facilities. Some basic necessities like tube wells, agricultural loans, fertilizers are very important for our survival and prosperity of our state.”

Law and order:

Security of people in a state is a major factor that contributes towards the development. When it comes to law and order, Bihar is perceived in a negative way. The condition in government offices failed to improve over the years.

According to Amit Kumar, “The true face of Bihar's development is far from what is shown in the official records. There are no such provisions which can assure you a job security. I was also a government employee but recently I was fired without any prior notice or a valid reason. This has come heavy on my family and forced me to look for jobs outside the state. The lack of job security is the main reason for exodus.”

The tug of war between Grand Alliance and NDA might have overshadowed the real picture of Bihar but last and not the least it ought to fructify in manifestation of the socio-economic development and rise in per capita income here.

Arya Lakshmi, Harshita Sharma/JPN

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