Bhopal:  BJP’s fireband leader Uma Bharti who was projected as the Chief Ministerial candidate in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday said that the party failed to project itself as a viable alternative among the electorates which led to its defeat in the state. She announced that the party’s failure in elections would be discussed in party forum.

Addressing the media persons, Uma said that people were fed up with the BSP government, and had made up their minds to oust it.

The Samajwadi Party succeeded because its leadership was able to persuade the people that it was a better alternative to the BSP, Bharti added.

Speaking on the impact of UP poll results on Madhya Pradesh, Uma said, “Every state has their own problems. Therefore, it will not affect MP.

Bharti herself won from Charkhari constituency, but BJP could only manage to bag 47 seats.

As to the Samajwadi Party, which is about to form the next government, she said its past record while in power was not good. Uma was apprehensive about what would happen under its rule.

Talking about the Congress, Bharti said the poor performance in Uttar Pradesh had provided with an opportunity to curtail its dependence on the Nehru-Gandhi family. Congress leaders and workers should realise that merely projecting someone from the Nehru-Gandhi family will not pay anymore, she added.