Ghaziabad: Riding on hopes of coming to power in Uttar Pradesh, Samajwadi Party's national secretary Ajay Agarwal said that if voted to power the party will take a range of steps for the benefit of traders.

"The party has already acquired 70 percent seats in four phases of the on-going UP elections. In the upcoming post poll survey and after the counting are concluded on March 6, this predictions will hold true," Agarwal claimed.

Moreover, the party, in its manifesto has said that for the development of the traders working in UP, the party will immediately form a trader’s commission, he said.

As mentioned in the poll document, the party will also take steps to restrict intrusion of foreign players in the local market.

In its last tenure, the Samajwadi party initiated several steps that included simplification of sales tax, implementation of trade tax and non-implementation of vat, Agarwal claimed.