However, two events—one is statement of Sayeed and second is  exemplary effort by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to send Foreign Secretary to Pakistan-- have clearly reflected that politics and diplomacy are not a dish of same plate.

Pakistan visit of Jaishankar was scripted when Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the initiative to broke the ice and phoned his counterpart Nawaz Sharif pertaining to 'cricket diplomacy'. PM Modi wished Pakistan luck for World Cup 2015.

It was out of box approach of PM Modi to assess the relationship between two nuclear power neighboring countries. It was remarkable breakthrough as dialogue was frozen since Pakistan High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit met Kashmiri separatists leader in New Delhi  last year.

The visit of Jaishankar has the potential to hit many birds by one stone, which will give a message to international community that India keenly wants a constructive dialogue with Pakistan. Also, BJP will score some brownie points to hit 'secular politic' in minority domain. This move is appreciated all around and Pakistan also exchanged same degree of enthuse.

What is in the bags of Jaishankar and his counterpart Aijaz Ahmed Chaudhry-
Both diplomats will pave to dialogue table
Pakistan wish to come back on '2003 ceasefire treaty'
Both will make consensus to constrain in comment in Media
Both will make friendly environment to speculating visit of PM Modi to Pakistan next year.

However, the current development is a ray of hope for people of Jammu and Kashmir. It also showed that both--Modi and Sharif—are ready to go extra mile to make a strong India-Pakistan relationship for which the stone was laid by former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

This is extra ordinary circumstances and golden opportunity for PM Modi to make landmark effort as his party Bharatya Janata Party (BJP) is in power in both the places—Jammu and Kashmir and Centre.