New Delhi: Hitting out at Team Anna over allegations made by them against him, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday said that corruption allegations against him and other ministers are irresponsible and unfortunate. He further added that he would give up his public life if charges are proved against him.

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Talking to the media on his way back from Myanmar, Singh said that ‘I will give up my public life if allegations are proved against me’.

His reaction came just after Justice Santosh Hegde dissociated himself from corruption charges by Team Anna against him and his other cabinet colleagues.

Hegde said in Bangalore on Tuesday that he was not party to the decision to target Singh, Pranab Mukhrjee, S M Krishna and other ministers.

Hazare himself appeared to distance himself from the move to target Singh and described the Prime Minister as an "honest man" soon after his team put Singh's name on a list of 14 "corrupt" ministers on last Saturday. He had said that he will seek clarification from the team.

In a reply to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, noted lawyer and one of the prominent members of Team Anna says that he is only quoting the CAG report.


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