Here is the highlights of Maneka Gandhi's suggestions over the existing legislation:
1. Sex determination test should be made compulsory to track women pregnant with a girl child as a measure to check female foeticide.

2. Woman should be compulsorily told that whether it is a boy or girl child whom she is going to give birth.

3. It is a different way to look at this problem (female foeticide), which could be solved with this idea.

4. It's not possible for the government to punish people who undergo (illegal) ultrasound examination. Arrest of such offenders is not a permanent solution.

What current law suggests:

1. The Act provides for the prohibition of sex selection, before or after conception.

2. The act allows to use of pre-natal diagnostic techniques, like ultrasound and amniocentesis in following medical circumstances:
Genetic abnormalities
Metabolic disorders
Chromosomal abnormalities
Certain congenital malformations
sex linked disorders

3. No laboratory or diagnostic centre will conduct any test including ultrasonography for the purpose of determining the sex of the foetus.

4. No person, including the one who is conducting the procedure as per the law, will communicate the sex of the foetus to the pregnant woman or her relatives by words, signs or any other method.

5. Any person who puts an advertisement for pre-natal and pre-conception sex determination facilities in the form of a notice, circular, label, wrapper or any document, or advertises can be imprisoned for up to three years and fined Rs 10,000.

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