Addressing service personnel at Air Force centre on the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway after inaugurating the navy's Information Management and Analysis Centre (IMAC), Parrikar said India has not ruled any other country.

"Even in Ramayana, when Lord Rama went to Lanka to rescue his wife Sita, he did not rule it. He gave it to Vibhishan (brother of Raavan) to rule it. This nation does not have the history of ruling other countries," he said, but stressed the country cannot be weak.

Parrikar said the best offence is to be strong in defence.He also promised to handle his responsibility sincerely.

"I promise the task given to me, I will fulfill...You can expect lot of things," he said. Parrikar said that defence is one field which requires a lot of secrecy, but the outcome of the his task is to assure that the sector gets its due and becomes a cohesive strong force making India self- sufficient.

Noting that defence equipments are purchased for a period of 20-30 years, he said, "Energy security and your own security cannot be dependent on others. You can't depend on some foreign countries for all your procurements."

Praising the IMAC, Parrikar said he appreciates the quick and fast delivery of the system because it should ensure "99.99 percent" against incidents like the 2008 Mumbai terror attack recurring by earlier detection. He also noted some "weakness" in the installing of some radars and said there should be "zero tolerance to error".

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