New Delhi: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s 3D election campaign seems to be one of the best ploys adopted by him to get connected with millions and millions of supporters directly across the state.

According to a report published in a national daily, nobody other than Modi matters in Gujarat BJP therefore Modi has to dependent on technology in reaching out to the people. “The party also feels that without Narendra Modi - the BJP in Gujarat reduced to nothing,” party sources said.

There are also reports that in previous assembly elections, out of the 117 MLAs who won elections on the BJP ticket, at least 100 did so entirely because of Modi.

Modi, BJP's possible Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014 Lok Sabha if he hits a hat-trick this time, can use this technology to get connected with supporters directly across the country.

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Notably, a day ahead of the campaigning ended for the second phase of polling, Modi addressed people across 53 locations simultaneously via 3D technology. Modi first used the 3D technique to address public meetings in four cities on November 18. Later, on November 29 the Chief Minister addressed people across 26 places (covering 15 districts). The next 3D meet took place on December 10 when Modi addressed people at 53 different places.

“People of Gujarat are determined to take development journey of a decade ahead. Lies, allegations of Congress will not weaken the determination,” Modi tweeted after addressing the last and final 3D meet on December 14.

Beside, Modi on his website recently used these words to describe himself – ‘great dreamer’, ‘remarkable ability’, ‘hard taskmaster’, ‘strict disciplinarian’, ‘clarity of vision, ‘sense of purpose’, ‘excellent organizational ability: rich insight into human psychology’ saying, “Our vision for Gujarat has been, is and will remain inclusive, all-round growth to create a Bhavya and Divya Gujarat. Support us once again for assuring equality of opportunity irrespective of religion, cast and creed. Support us for having uplifted large sections from the depths of poverty to a bright future.”

Definitely, when it comes to using the latest technology to reach out to people, Modi is miles ahead of others. Be it web, social media or virtual presence, Modi is a trendsetter among other politicos. The 3D meets by Modi has been now considered as a kind of revolution in the use of technology for political campaigns.

British firm Musion was behind making the high-definition holographic video projection. In India, NChant 3D is the exclusive license holder of Musion which is operating these 3D shows.

(Abhinav Ranjan/JPN)

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