The 'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo' star says she is open about a lot of aspects of her life but believes who she is dating should stay private.

"There are a lot of other things which make you a whole person besides who you're dating. My personal life is out there because I've always been myself but if you're talking about personal life as in (context of) boyfriend, then I'll never talk about it," Sonam told reporters.

The 30-year-old actress was speaking at the launch of a mobile phone application which is named after her.

"Because right now it is not relevant to who I am as a person to everybody around there. If I feel comfortable at any point talking about it then I will but now I feel it is not necessary to talk about personal life," she added. Sonam said the app will be a way to connect with her ans, whom she has never treated like "enemies".

"There are certain things about my life which I keep personal, whether it's my relationships, I never talk about that. I won't even tell my parents till I decide it's serious, not because of anything but I feel there are other things in life which can be talked about," she added.

The app, developed by Disciple media, features real-time live streaming, exclusive photos and videos, fan chats, social media integration among others.

"This (app) is going to be a reflection of who I am. So, it is also going to be about fashion, food, travel, books and friends. It is everything which makes me," Sonam said.

The app will be available for downloads for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

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