"I am not going to implement the Land Acquisition Ordinance in Assam. It is done to benefit only the industry," he said while addressing the concluding ceremony of 5-day training camp of state Congress Sevadal.

He said the new law is against the interest of farmers and will take away the right to have proper compensation.

"We will bring a new bill in the state regarding land acquisition for industry and other purposes," Gogoi said.     

He accused the Narendra Modi government of trying to "weaken democracy by adopting the ordinance route".

"In some exceptional cases, we can bring an ordinance. But in every other bill which is facing opposition, the Centre is going for an ordinance. Why do we need Parliament then?" he asked.

He said in increasing the FDI limit in insurance sector also, the Centre brought an ordinance.

Gogoi also criticised the Centre for abolishing the Planning Commission and said its contribution in the country's overall development cannot be dismissed.
"When I was the Food Minister in 1993, I imported three million tonnes of wheat. Today, we are exporting it. Whose contribution is this? It is the Planning Commission," he added.

Gogoi also claimed that BJP was a party only to capture power and said it has no contribution in independent struggle and development of Indian society.

Modi is "good at packaging and selling rotten products", he said even though he accepted that Congress' "packaging is poor".

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