Tamil Nadu has ‘largely been free of communal, left wing extremist and religious fundamentalist violence and this was a matter of pride and satisfaction,’ she said in her inaugural address at the annual conference of District Collectors and police officers in Chennai.
Jayalalithaa said she had given police and district administration a ‘free hand and unstinting support,’ in maintaining law and order.
"I would like to reiterate that the government will not spare anyone who tries to whip up communal passions and caste tensions. The police and the district administration have been given a clear and unambiguous mandate to put down anti-social elements with an iron hand," she said.
The state had witnessed murders of some Sangh parivar activists this year, including a senior BJP functionary and some suspected Muslim fundamentalists had been arrested for their alleged involvement in them, including the '2011 Advani pipe bomb case.'
The Chief Minister said that despite attempts, the Maoists have not succeeded in gaining a foothold since the government is responsive to people's needs, thus effectively preventing people to look up to such ‘anti-constitutional’ forces for redress of grievances.
"Although persistent attempts have been made by Maoists to strike roots in the state, they have been denied a foothold by ceaseless vigilance, particularly in the tri-junction area between Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala, where intelligence inputs had indicated that Naxalites were likely to try to establish their presence," she said.
Firm action has also been taken to quell the activities of some organizations espousing left wing extremist ideology and making attempts to build up mass base, she said.


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