"It has been the Congress that has glorified contributions of one family by giving it credit for everything taking place in the country before and after the Independence," former BJP president M Venkaiah Naidu said in Patna.
Giving an impression that no other leader other than one family did any good for the country, Congress launched 650 schemes in the name of three personalities - Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, he claimed.
Naidu promised that the BJP-led NDA in the event of being elected to power in 2014 general elections would review christening of all these 650 schemes in the name of members of one family.
"BJP will discuss all issues related to 650 schemes, including rationalisation and christening of these schemes in the name of members of one family," he said.

Rubbishing Congress charge that Modi has muzzled democratic functioning of the BJP by outsmarting all other top leaders to get himself declared as the prime ministerial nominee, Naidu said the allegation was far from true as it was the party's decision to make the Gujarat Chief Minister its face for the general elections and the decision was taken in a democratic manner.
"The charge of pursuing personality-centric politics does not stick to us.....it has been the trademark of the Congress," he said, recalling the late Congress leader D K Baruah's famous one liner in 1970s : "Indira is India and India is Indira,” said Naidu.
“It was the same person (Indira Gandhi) who "subverted" parliamentary democracy by imposing Emergency in 1975 in the country,” he added.
On Congress' jibe at Modi that he was not respecting seniors, Naidu alleged Sonia Gandhi-led Congress did not allow former prime minister P V Narasimha Rao's mortal remains to be brought to the AICC headquarters for paying tribute and her predecessor Sitaram Keshari was "bodily lifted" out of the party office to make way for Gandhi.
Naidu said the Congress should not give sermons to the BJP about pursuing 'personality-centric politics' and being disrespectful of senior leaders.

Claiming that a wave is sweeping the country in favour of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), Naidu expressed confidence that a government led by Modi would come to power at the Centre with at least 300 seats from all regions including the southern states.
Commenting on senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi's controversial remarks that the wave was in favour of the BJP and not Modi, Naidu said that his senior colleague had already clarified the matter.
"There is no difference between BJP and Modi and Joshi has clarified his remarks," Naidu said.
On Modi refusing to apologise for the 2002 riots, he said the Gujarat Chief Minister's successive victories in the assembly polls since 2002 vindicated his stand on the issue.
On Congress seeking Modi's apology for the riots, he asked it to introspect over the number of communal riots that had taken place during its rule and said that that party had been in the habit of playing communal cards for electoral benefits.
On the controversy arising out of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's former Media Advisor Sanjaya Baru's book titled 'The Accidental Prime Minister', Naidu said the BJP's allegation that the Congress president had been acting as an extra constitutional authority to run the UPA government has been "proven correct".
"We have been saying for long that the PM presides, Madam decides," the former BJP president said. 


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