He also said that he would free the system from criminals within five years.

"I am disturbed by the criminalization of politics, for which, Congress is responsible. Congress leaders started using criminals to retain power by hook or crook. Later, these criminals became powerful and turned politicians. We must free our political system from such criminals," Modi said on Monday.

Modi was giving a speech in Gandhinagar that was broadcast live across 100 locations in 15 states with the use of 3D holographic technology.

"Just give me one chance to clean the system. I will set up special courts under the supervision of the Supreme Court to try all the tainted MPs and MLAs, that too within one year time limit. After one year, those who are guilty, will go to jail," he said.

"After MPs and MLAs, the same process will be applied at the bottom, such as panchayats. It is my promise that I will free the system from criminals within five years," he added.

He also promised that no discrimination or favouritism will be done in this cleaning process, even if that leader belongs to his party.


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