London: The third installment of the science fiction comedy series 'Men In Black' starring Will Smith will have "retro aliens".

The movie will see the characters go back in time to the 60s, which gave legendary horror make-up and special effects artist Rick Baker the chance to create "a whole bunch of cool stuff”, according to reports.

"When 'Men In Black 3' came along and I heard about the time-travel element, I said, 'Okay, it's set in 2012, so we'll have aliens that look like 2012 aliens in that part of the film. But when we go back to 1969, wouldn't it be cool to have retro aliens? Big brains, bug eyes, stuff like that?” Baker said.

"I thought they should have a totally different, retro feel. And they agreed to it, thank God. So I got to make a whole bunch of cool stuff," Baker said.

'Men In Black 3' is set for a April 2012 release.