"If a Hindu is oppressed and the oppressor is a Muslim, then I will take action against the Muslim. I will stand with you (Hindus) against the oppressor," Sharif said, amid global concerns over violation of rights of minorities in Pakistan.

Addressing a Diwali function at a local hotel here, the Prime Minister said that it was his duty to protect the people victimized by others irrespective their cast, creed or religion.
"My religion teaches me to stand with the weak and vulnerable. In fact every religion teaches us to stand with weak and oppressed people," he said. Stating that those in Pakistan were one nation and it is time for unity and helping one another, he said Muslims should share happiness with the Hindus and vice versa.
The Prime Minister said he does not believe in religious discrimination as every Pakistani has equal rights. Sharif met with members of the Hindu community and assured them that his government was committed to protecting minority rights at all costs.
"Pakistan is a country for all and I am the Prime Minister of all Pakistanis, no matter what religion, creed or caste they belong to," he said.
Prime Minister Sharif's remarks assume significance with leaders of the Hindu community protesting in the Parliament and outside over the problem of forced conversion of Hindu girls in the southern Sindh province.

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