In a bid to cover up its beating image from scams and scandals, the Central government has taken note of the Election Commission’s proposal to improve electoral system, which was scripted six-and-half years ago. The permanent committee of parliament mulled on it, making suggestions and the government formed a panel under the stewardship of Additional Solicitor General to implement them. The moot point is will the panel do something effectively for cleaning the rot. The modus operandi of the committee indicates it will take long spell to reach any conclusion. Speculation is rife that the panel could submit its report to group of ministers. The way the UPA-government dilly dallied the commission’s proposals and overlooked its some significant points, calls spade a spade that government does not have the required political will power to better the poll system. Albeit the Central government claims its activeness to improve the system by constituting a panel under the Additional Solicitor General, the result could see the light of day only with the political will power.

The committee has started thinking over some important issues like criminalization of politics, checking account of party, casting bogus votes, collegiums system to appoint Election Commissioner.  It is disappointing that the government gives inkling to checkmate criminalization but not ready to amend its rules. If we remain stuck to the principle that until court’s decision comes, everyone is innocent, criminalization of politics will flourish corroding the merits of democratic system. The committee’s non-inclusion of discussion on setting internal democracy in a party dilutes the government’s intention of perking up the system. It is axiomatic that without respecting internal democracy, political parties could not corroborate the Indian democracy. It is equally necessary that common people should be entrusted with the right to elect their candidate. People should have right to select candidates in a democratic manner with their own choice rather than being constrained with the options given by political parties. Given the present situation of coalition politics, it is significant to make the political system clean, vibrant and democratic in right perspective as election process is the only means which spawns leaders who spearhead the nation and become torch bearer for billions of people.