"Of course the match situation explains itself and I guess it's my job to liven things up but I guess I will try in the next game," Anand said in the post game conference.
Anand gave nothing away to Carlsen who played white and was expected to push harder with his two points lead. When asked if the choice of King pawn opening by Carlsen was a surprise Anand said no.
"In general in a match you should not be surprised, but I had not prioritized 'e4'," the defending champion said.
Elaborating on the game, Anand said it was "generally a fairly solid system for white" but not entirely without chances if black played inaccurately.
"The only may be interesting moment was if I go Qg5, h4 is strong but after just Qd8 we liquidate to a drawn ending," he said.
When asked if he could have tried anyways, Anand said he had to be ready for all situations. "Obviously I had to be ready for any scenario that turned up but after d4 and c3 this is what I could do."
Anand said he was not sure about a Sicilian defense, considered a combative opening.
"I didn't know what really his intentions were, and even the Sicilian even if you want to play dry systems, they are available," he said.


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