Mumbai: Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi on Monday gave a hint of her priorities by stating that the need of the hour is to get the more corrupt out, work with the less corrupt and then think of a third force, which could be Arvind Kejriwal's "anti-corruption movement".

Apparently trying to justify why she was distancing herself from Kejriwal, Bedi said that while she 'respected' Kejriwal's decision, she was not a part of the political outfit.

"Anna is not a part of the political outfit," she added.

She said the country desperately needs the Lokpal Bill and the Right to Reject.

"The movement started with the focus of getting the Jan Lokpal Bill, then Anna added the Right to Reject. The country desperately needs an independent Jan Lokpal Bill, which sets the CBI free of any political management. And this country needs the Right to Reject the most because between two political parties who may be both perceived to be corrupt, whom you elect, you need to reject candidates. Unless you reject, there will be no space for a third component," said Bedi.

According to reports, Kiran Bedi may be willing to work with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Her advice to India Against Corruption movement was that it needs to go to the grassroots.

"People need to travel to the village levels and explain to people, what is this Lokpal Bill, why do we need a Right to Reject, why should you reject the candidates who have criminal record and corruption records and then work with the party which is less corrupt," said Bedi.

Meanwhile, her priority was that the party, which will come to Parliament next year, "has to give an anti-corruption bill, has to give the Right to Reject because people are waiting."


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