We bring for you a list of interesting facts about Wimbledon which will stimulate your interest in the singles finals scheduled to be played tomorrow (women’s) and Sunday (men’s).

Grass courts

Wimbledon is the only tennis tournament to be played on sport's original surface, grass. There are dedicated workers who make sure that the length of the grass is exactly 8mm throughout the tournament.

The history
The inaugural edition of Wimbledon was played in the year 1877 and the competition was limited to men's singles competition. Women's singles and men's doubles were introduced in 1884.

Strict dress code
Roger Federer, who also happens to be the player to win the most number of Wimbledon titles, was asked to change his shoes while playing a match in 2013. The reason given was that they had orange soles, which went against the all-white attire rule  of the competition.

The Wimbledon balls
54, 250 balls are used during the tournament and are replaced after every 7-9 matches. Balls are also kept in a refrigerator to keep them in shape. The balls used are yellow in colour so that they are more visible to the camera.

The longest match
The longest match in the history of Wimbledon was played in the year 2010 between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. The clash lasted for 11 hours and five minutes.

The loudest grunt

The loudest grunt made by a player during the game was made by Maria Sharapova (Russia) in 2009. It reached about 105 decibels, equivalent to standing besides an accelerating motorcycle.

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