Bangalore: Latest buzz to hit the city is wine facials. You heard it right, now wine is being used as beauty product. So, all husbands and boyfriends guard your wine well, or else your girl can raid your cellar for a rejuvenating wine facial.

If you are of that generation who thinks wine is only to be enjoyed as a drink and get tipsy, you are out of sync with today's beauty industry. Spas and beauty parlours in the city are cashing on this latest fad by offering various types of wine facials. Cost of which starts from Rs 800 to Rs 1500.

We talk to a dermatologist Dr Chethan to know the benefits of this latest fad. He explains, "Definitely wine facials will be good for the skin. The PH in wine is acidic, which will mildly exfoliate the skin. Best way to apply this will be to keep wine on the face for three-four minutes and then wash off. The effects will be more visible three to four days after the treatment. Older the wine, better the effect. However, our good-old curd has the same properties as it is also acidic." 

Those who have already gone for the treatment vouch for the fact that it does wonder for the skin. "I had a burning sensation the moment wine is applied on my face. That time I was wondering what I have paid for. But then I started getting complements from friends and relatives after two-three days of the treatment. Now, I am planning to go for it once a month to keep the glow on my face," says Ranjita who recently went to a city parlour to pamper herself with a wine facial.

For wine facial, first the face will be thoroughly cleansed. Then steam will be given to soften the skin. After that, its time for wine therapy as the face is massaged with a blend of fine wine.

In some parlours, along with wine, customer's skin will be treated with herbs, exotic fresh fruit and a special blend of essential oils.

Karan of Trans Studio Unisex Salon says, "Mostly we use wine made from grapes. We select the wine keeping in mind the skin types of our customers. We have customers who keep coming back for more sessions of wine facials after seeing the results."

While some parlours in the city use readymade wine facial kit for the treatment.
Beauty experts say that wine facial does the trick in making the skin look glowing as it removes the dead cells. It also increases blood circulation as a result of which the skin gets hydrated and rejuvenated. Wine facials is also said to be anti-aging.

Aarthi who runs a parlour in the upscale MG Road area in the city where wine facials are offered says, "Wine facial is the best treatment for pigmented and tanned skin as it curbs pigmentation of the skin and helps in the reversal of tanning."

It takes an hour to one and half hour to finish a session of wine facials. However, it is recommended that the one indulge in this wine therapy not more than once a week.

Courtesy: CityPlus