New Delhi: With the expectation of stormy winter session of the Parliament on Tuesday, major companies and share brokers are keeping their eye on the economic development related bills to be tabled in the session.

At a time when the economy is facing inflationary pressure and Central government is also constantly drawing flak from prominent industrialists like Mukesh Ambani, Azim Premji and bankers like Dilip Parekh for its inaction on the industrial front, important bills like Company Bill 2011 and Pension Bill 2011 remain the major issues of concern this session.

According to the experts, the market is keen about the Company Bill 2011 which has not been so far approved by the Cabinet. However, the industrial sector believes that if the bill is tabled in the ongoing session of the Parliament, it will portray government’s inclination towards economic development of the country.

Among others the Pension Bill is also significant this year. According to ASSOCHAM, the Central government should focus on pension, insurance and Lokpal Bill etc.