Holding that the country is 'disappointed' with the functioning of Parliament, Naidu accused the Congress of 'cheating the people' by not allowing the government to do 'what is expected of it'.
"Since the monsoon session, which was a near washout, the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha have been pulling in different directions, which is a matter of serious concern,” Naidu told the media.
"This only justifies the campaign of some people that has already begun in some degree for redefining the role of the Rajya Sabha...The country is disappointed at the manner in which Parliament has functioned," Naidu added.

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The Modi government's legislative agenda has suffered a serious setback due to lack of support from the numerically stronger Congress-led opposition in the House. This had prompted Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to raise the question of how an 'unelected' house could overrule the mandate of the 'elected' house.
While the productivity of the Lok Sabha was 100.46 percent during the Winter session, that of the Rajya Sabha was only 46 percent, that too after it passed a number of bills in the last three days without much discussion which, Naidu said, was not a 'healthy' trend.

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