New Delhi (Agencies): IT firm Wipro Technologies on Monday said it joined US-based Continuous Computing to provide solutions to 3G and Long Term Evolution (LTE) network equipment-makers.

The two companies are working together to provide Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Femtocell products for network equipment providers supplying 3G and LTE network infrastructure, said Wipro.

By using these solutions, mobile service providers can reduce their operational costs, while end-users benefit from improved coverage and performance, it added.

"Continuous Computing has developed (these solutions for) LTE and Femtocell that allow mobile operators to make the most of their network resources and maximise the value of their spectrum assets," said Devaraj Srinivasan, Wipro Technologies general manager, Global Media and Telecom.

"Wipro's end-to-end telecom product engineering and delivery skills coupled with a large stable of telecom and wireless resources are the perfect complement and together we expect to make a significant difference in solving some of the mobile industry's most pressing capacity challenges," said Manish Singh, Continuous Computing Vice President (Product Line Management).