To avail the benefits from MTCR membership, India will need to frame national export control policies for production and sale of the deadly weapons categorically divided into two categories of Annex.

While missiles, rockets, major sub-systems, and production facilities have been put in the first category of MTCR Annex, specialized materials, technologies, propellants, and sub-components of the missiles and rockets are listed in the second category of the Annexure.

India will have to be more conscious while exporting the weapons listed in the first category as approval for this category weapons is considered to be rare, while the export of second category weapons will have to be evaluated case-by-case.

The concerned authority will have to weigh out the intended recipients that whether they are pursuing or have ambitions of acquiring the weapons of mass destruction while purpose and efficiency of the recipient’s missiles and space programs also requires to be evaluated before export deal is finalized.

Before finalizing any deal, national export control will be required to ascertain the credibility of the buyer’s purpose which has been stated for purchase of deadly weapons. The concerned authorities will have to avoid the deal if it violates its multilateral treaty in any way.

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