Once again a new research has unfolded the mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law relation’s truth.  A study revealed the fact that 1 in 4 wives hate their mothers-in-law and believes she is 'controlling, interfering and bitchy'.

In a poll, women accused mothers-in-law of routinely 'knowing best' when it comes to parenting, judging their parenting skills and undermining them in front of their partner and children.

Almost a third said they were made to feel they were not good enough for their partner.

Many move house to escape the mother-in-law's constant complaining and for some the stress is so extreme that it has led to marital breakdown.

The findings come from a poll of some 2,000 mothers by the website.

Almost a quarter, 24 per cent, described their relationship with their mothers-in-law as bad or terrible.

Some 16 per cent believe she is bitchy, 22 per cent think her rude, 25 per cent controlling, 35 per cent judgmental and 32 per cent interfering.

And many women view their mother-in-law as more stressful than fraught experiences such as moving house.

Some 24 per cent find her worse than moving, 21 per cent worse than potty training, 14 per cent worse than morning sickness and 13 per cent worse than breastfeeding.

"Mums feel the mother-in-law looks down on them, criticises their parenting skills and interferes in their relationship," the Daily Mail quoted Siobhan Freegard, co-founder of a website, as saying
"However mothers-in-law can be a huge support, especially for new mums, and more than ever they are helping families out by taking on childcare responsibilities.”

"It takes some time to get on with your mother-in-law but can be worth a little perseverance, even if you have to bite your tongue sometimes," she added.