Washington: Almost eight out of ten wives still do most household chores, researchers say. A new study has found that just one in ten married men share the cooking and cleaning equally, with 13 per cent doing more around the house than their partners, media reported.

The study, which argues that 20th century feminism has failed working class women, found that 77 per cent of wives share maximum portion of household work, despite the number of stay-at-home husbands trebling to 62,000 in the past 15 years.

The findings came in a report for the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) think tank and suggested that mums earn less than women without kids, while dads earn more than childless men. IPPR associate director Dalia Ben-Galim told the publication that many of the advances for women at the top have masked inequality at the bottom.

Ben-Galim added that very often, squeezed finances force families to choose a 'male breadwinner' family type because the motherhood penalty leads to mums giving up work or taking a pay cut.