London: While a lot of husbands may think selective hearing at home is a smart way to avoid menial household works but they are perhaps unware of the fact that usually their other half very well knows about their feigning acts.

Three-quarters of Britons believe their partner listens only to what they want to hear, claims a survey. More than half of those polled said the tactics of not acknowledging a request was the main cause of rows, over anything from money troubles to housework, Daily reported Tuesday.

The survey found 83 percent of the respondents suspected their partner had full control over selective hearing and could choose what they did and did not take in. Many tested their other half by asking them to repeat what they had just said to see if they were really listening.

Seventy percent of the women admitted using this tactic as they believe their men folk simply pretend not to hear when asked to do chores.

Most of them said their partner's selective hearing increased as they turned older - but only a third thought it may be a symptom of hearing loss. This could be unfair, according to Boots, which carried out the study for its Great Big Hearing Test campaign.

The study found that taking steps to correct genuine hearing loss can do wonders for a couple. Many of those on whom survey was carried brought forth the fact that it improved their relationship, increasing their conversations with their partners and reducing arguments.