After the death of her husband, she was left all alone with her kids. At that very moment, she recollected herself and decided to put her life on the line for helping people who don't have access to proper medical facilities. She fulfilled her dream of constructing hospital by collecting her hard earned money.


She had been taking up manual labour jobs for 20 long years to sustain her family and fulfill her impossible dream. She even washed dishes, polished shoes, worked as a construction labourer and sold vegetables at Kolkata's Park Circus. She sacrificed all the pleasures and never spent a single penny on life's luxuries.


"I used to earn about five paise. Two paise was for rent, two paisa was for eating and I used to save one paise," she was quoted as saying.


Subhasini had faith in her eldest son Ajoy's hard work. Ajoy stood by her as a strong pillar of support. She had sent her son to an orphanage because she couldn't afford his schooling. Ajoy excelled in his career and became a doctor.


They made a temporary shelter on an acre of land she had bought by investing her life long savings in 1993. Ajoy along with other doctors used to treat patients after winding up their shifts at hospital.


On the very first day, they diagnosed 252 patients. Subhasini could finally see her dream breathing as the patients started to line up outside temporary shed. “But this is not enough. We need to build a proper hospital,’’ she told Ajoy.



She again went back to the streets to sell vegetables and took up odd jobs. By that time, her younger son Sujoy had also graduated from college. Sujoy started getting funds from local residents, companies and charities. On February 5, 1995, they laid the foundation stone for the proper hospital. On March 9, 1996, the two-storey Humanity Hospital was opened to the public for medical assistance.


Today, the hospital is spread over three acres of land. It has all the prerequisites, ranging from eminent doctors to modern medical equipments. Major surgeries for the poor are done for less than Rs 5000 and minor ailments are treated for under Rs10.



Ajoy and his three siblings are tirelessly working to realise Subhasini's dream. He attends to patients in the hospital, while his wife feeds them and his sister works as a nurse. Subhasini still insists that there is a way to go and this is not her destination.


With Ajoy at the helm of affairs in the hospital, she now spends most of her time tending to the sick and looking after her grandchildren. She's quick to point out that her mission is not over yet.

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