London: A video of a woman attempting to park her car has gone viral with over one million views in just five days on YouTube.

Students Ciaran Doherty and Ciaran Shannon shot the film as they watched the helpless driver from a nearby house, media reported.

The video, which was shot on a mobile phone, shows her taking around half an hour to reverse her car into a gap between two vehicles on a street in Belfast.

The pair, with other friends uploaded the clip on the video sharing site.  The video titled 'the world's worst attempt at parallel parking' had been watched more than one million times by 7am on April 30.

One of the students said that a friend in the house was looking out of the window to have a bit of fresh air and saw what was happening.

She said: “Soon we were all at the window and looking out for a good 15 minutes before we started recording it on the phone.”


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