London: A 39-year-old mother of five told she could not have more kids for health reasons, has filled her home with 50 lifelike baby dolls.

Alice Winstone of Cardigan, Mid Wales, has spent seven years and over 12,000 pounds to fill her home with vinyl "Reborn Dolls", a daily reported.

Her obsession has forced her husband Chris to move out of their home. Winstone had been told after she became pregnant with youngest daughter Jessica, now 12, that she had a blood disorder which would make another pregnancy unsafe.

She changes, washes, sleeps with and even "feeds" the vinyl children, and takes them out for day trips in her car, the daily said.

The woman said she preferred caring for her dolls to having sex with her husband. Her estranged husband still visits their house to visit their real children - Jade, 22, Ben, 21, Kyle, 17, Charlie, 15, and Jessica, 12. The youngest three live under the same roof as the 50 fake babies.


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