Patna: With an aim to showcase the 'human face' of Bihar police, a large number of women constables have been put up at important roundabouts of state capital to man traffic.

Woman police constables could be seen sweating it out at the traffic post at important intersections of Patna to ensure disciplined movement of vehicles.

"We have put 35 women traffic constables on duty at important crossings to control movement of vehicles," Senior Superintendent of Police Amritraj told.

The SSP said the purpose behind the step was to "showcase the human face of the Bihar police."

Amritraj said the number of womena constables on traffic duty would be increased to 100 in the wake of the success of the experiment.

Entrusting the challenging job to women was also part of the state government's stress on women empowerment.

"This is a good example of women empowerment," the SSP added.

While placing women on traffic duty is encouraging but the assignment brings a lot of challenges for the fair sex who could be seen shouting at errant drivers. The job becomes all the more difficult considering the fact that number of vehicles has gone up many times in the capital over years.

According to statistics provided by the state Transport department, there were more than 5 lakh small and big vehicles in Patna in 2011 which has a population of around 16.83 lakh.

Narrating her experience, a traffic policewoman Rita Devi said "Initially I had some hesitation standing on busy roads in male uniform but with time now I don't feel awkward."

The woman constable is in job since 2006.


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