The 150.3 million migrant workers account for 72.7 percent of the 232 million migrants globally. Of them, 8.8 million women are among the 11.5 million migrant domestic workers. Among migrant workers, 83.7 million (55 per cent) are men and 55.7 million (37 per cent) women, International Labour.

Organization (ILO) Global Estimates on Migrant Workers showed. Though labour migration is a phenomenon affecting all regions of the world, an overwhelmingly 74.7 per cent or 112.3
million people are in high income countries, 17.5 million in upper-middle income countries, 16.9 million or 11.33 per cent in lower-middle income countries including India.

India received 47.1 per cent of its remittances in 2012 from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. India and China are the largest recipients of officially recorded remittances in the world and together receive more remittances than the next six countries combined.

Migrants, especially migrant women, have higher labour force participation rates than non-migrants. There are 67.1 million domestic workers in the world of whom 11.5 million are international migrants, according to the ILO estimates.

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