London: Believe it or not -- a third of women actually dislike cuddles, shredding the popular stereotype that they are the ones demanding it.

It is the men who are really fond of hugging, while one out of three women who can't stand it force themselves into doing it, to avoid annoying their partner, reveals a new study. Fifty five percent of women usually allow their men folk briefest of hugs before rolling over to go to sleep.

Another half admits they don't like cuddling in bed because when they finally retire, they just want to go to sleep. One in five say they don't like prolonged physical contact with their partner in bed, claiming that it makes them hot and uncomfortable, daily reports.

A third of women give night-time cuddles just twice a week or less. And more than one in 20 admit they 'hardly ever' cuddle their partner.

Close to one in 10 women admit they'd rather be checking Facebook in bed than cuddling their partner.

Some 36 percent of British males say getting too few night-time cuddles has led to bedroom rows, compared to just 26 percent of women who say the same.

As for those affection-starved men - they are more likely to cuddle their partner all night long - 22 percent of men admit to this compared to just 18 percent of women, while conversely, women are also twice as likely to 'hardly ever' cuddle their partner as men.

Both sexes admit they tend to cuddle their partner less as they get older though. One in five men and women say they cuddle their partner once a night every night - seven times a week on average. And 41 percent of the nation agrees that cuddles are most likely during the winter months.

A spokesperson for Silentnight, the company behind the findings, said, 'There is a general consensus that women prefer cuddling to men. But, according to our research, this clearly isn't the case.