Muzaffarpur: Majority of women population in India believe that service is a safer option rather than self employment or owning a business, a Prime Minister Employment Guarantee Programme (PMEGP) report indicates this fact.

The report further states that the 6135 girls who have passed their matriculation exam have registered themselves for employment services. The employment exchange in the university level has registered 1103 girls for services.
Priyanka Gupta who is chosen for the clerical post in the State Bank of India feels than taking a service option would always secure ones future rather getting risk in new venture. Similarly, Deepa who is also pursuing a professional course gives thrust on to do a job.

If we look at a recent example of the fact mentioned above the district general post office here has accepted more than ten thousand applications for an advertised post in the Bihar Lok Seva Ayog where two thousand applications are of women candidates for the same.

On the other hand, only 37 women have submitted their application for PMEGP for self employment.

(JPN/ Bureau)