Sant Kabir Nagar: In the wake of rising cases of death due to HIV, women are forcing their husbands to undergo HIV test in villages, Semariyawan district of Sant Kabir Nagar in Uttar Pradesh.

It is believed that the high rate of migration is one of the major reasons of HIV progression in the villages. Therefore, women are asking their husbands to undergo the HIV test, especially those who had gone to Mumbai or other cities to earn livelihood.

Nearly 15-20 people have died due to HIV in the recent years. The increasing number of deaths has alarmed women of the villages. So as a preventive measure, they have taken this step.
The families residing in villages of Sant Kabir Nagar are living below poverty line. Males of the village have to go to different cities for livelihood. Many of them turn truck drivers. This has bought some economic relief to the families, but many of they have exposed to HIV infection.

The women of the villages have come in front and voiced their concerns. Now, the HIV test has become a norm there.

Data reveals that total 11,000 males have undergone HIV test in the district since 2006, out of which 750 have been detected HIV positive.