Greater Noida: By yet again approaching the National Commission for Women (NCW) and the National Human Right Commission (NHRC), the women from Bhatta Parsaul village have made their intentions clear of not sparing the policemen at any cost.

On Tuesday, a dozen odd females of Bhatta Parsaul contacted the NCW and NHRC and made their complaint against policemen.They also alleged the police team of enforcing pressure on them to change their statement. The females who visited the NHRC and NCW office included those who claimed to have been sexually assaulted and thrashed by the cops.

The fresh complaint has further compounded to the miseries of policemen, who are in a piquant situation after receiving a notice from the National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC) on the charges of raping women from the village. A police team comprising females only is busy questioning the Bhatta Parsaul villagers about the charges levelled by them.

Meanwhile, the women have taken the bold step of alleging cops of pressurising them to change their statement. They have also placed the police in dock for using foul language and harassing them by raising unwarranted and baseless questions.