Melbourne:  Love wearing heels! Well, here is some bad news for the girls. According to a study, Stiletto causes more leg injury in women than fractures caused in sports accidents.

New South Wales (NSW) paramedics have reported a rise in emergency calls from women who have suffered ankle fractures, dislocated knees, head injuries and broken wrists after falling due to their high heels.

Craig Pusser, NSW Paramedics spokesperson said women are more likely to get hurt from falling after wearing a pair of sky-high heels than on the sports field.

Health experts have witnessed a "dramatic" rise in chronic injuries from wearing extreme heels.

"The worst incident we've seen was a girl in her early 20s who rolled her ankle inwards in very high heels while standing in a club, resulting in a compound fracture, where the bone actually sticks out," Pusser said.

He also added, "That's an injury we usually see in footballers."

Martin Sullivan, a doctor, said he has treated several serious ankle fractures in women who had fallen in their heels.

"This generation, from 16 to 25, are really into wearing seriously high heels...the higher you are, the more likely you are to twist an ankle and get yourself injured," said  Martin.