The state has projected only 10 women candidates from the overall 230 contestants for the Lok Sabha polls. The number of women contesting this time is even lower than the 2009 general election.

Of the total 14 women candidates in the fray last time, only two Selja and Shruti Chaudhary, both of the Congress party won. This time, the three parliamentary constituencies of Sirsa, Sonipat and Rohtak do not even have a single woman contestant. These seats have 18, 23 and 14 male candidates respectively.

Shruti is the lone woman candidate among 27 in the fray. The highest number of women candidates three is in the Faridabad Lok Sabha constituency adjoining Delhi against 24 male candidates.  

Gurgaon has just one woman candidate among 22 in the fray."In Haryana, the bias against women, especially in leadership roles and public life, is too stark to be missed.

It is a male dominated world and even those who contest and win are related to big male leaders and their families," Sheweta Ahlawat, a student of sociology in Kurukshetra, said.

For the Ambala seat, which was represented by Selja and who recently resigned as a union minister ahead of being elected to the Rajya Sabha, there is only one woman candidate, an independent. The adjoining Kurukshetra seat, from where billionaire industrialist Naveen Jindal is seeking re-election, has two women in the fray out of 22 candidates.

The highest numbers of candidates 41 are contesting for the Hisar seat and only one woman is in the fray. Haryana has a dismal gender ratio of 879 females per 1,000 males. The women's literacy rate, as per the 2011 Census, is around 66 percent.


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